Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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PhonicsTutor Phonogram Flashcards



a, ai, aigh, air, ar, au, augh, au gh, aw, ay, b, c, ce, ch, ci, ck, d, dge, e, ea, e•a, ear, eau, ed, -ed, ee, ei, eigh, eo, er, eu, ew, ey, f, g, ge, gh, gi, gn, g•n, gu, g<ue>, h, i, ie, i•e, ier, i•er, igh, ir, j, k, kn, l, le, m, mb, mn, n, ng, o, oa, o•a, oar, oe, o•e, oi, oo, oor, or, ou, ough, ou gh, our, ow, oy, p, ph, pn, ps, qu, r, rh, s, sc, s c, s•c, s<u>, sh, si, t, t<u>, tch, th, ti, u, ue, ui, u•i, ur , v, w, wh, <w>or, wr, x, xi, y, z

The following is a sample of the front and back of the phonogram CI:

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