Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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Phonics Software Awards

Phonics software award by Practical Homeshooling

First Place Winner of the
1998 Practical Homeschooling
Software Reader Awards for Phonics,
a Mary Pride Publication.

First Place Winner of the
1996 ERIC Award for Phonics
from Homeschool PC. 



Phonics Software Reviews

 "I can truly say we have tried them all.  I can truly say that my children would have been left behind if it had not been for Phonics Tutor. This program has brought our two children from reading on a second grade level to 7th and 8th grade levels in six short months. This is something we did not achieve with all the money we spent on other programs and special education teachers. The stress is now gone thanks to PhonicsTutor. Our children now have the strength, courage, and success to continue with a strong education. They have mastered 'severe' learning disabilities." Roxanne & Michael, Parents, Dallas, TX, April 7, 2003

 "Ironically, the method that research upholds as the most empirically validated is also the most demanding: phonics-based learning. Tedious for kids, exceedingly difficult for both amateurs and professionals, the phonics method has been a pedagogical stepchild: respected, but definitely disliked. Because of this status, it's a pleasure to see that an old favorite of Education Update, 4:20 Communication's PhonicsTutor has finally released a new addition to its well-received phonics-based reading software, PhonicsTutor Frequent Words edition." Mitchell Levine, Reviewer
Education Update, December 2003 
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