Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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Review of PhonicsTutor® by

Janice R. Lefever, a homeschool mother


Dear Dr. Hickerson,

I had tried an expensive phonics program which drilled letter sounds, rules and began with initial letter/vowel blends. My son, a kindergartner at the time, was so discouraged with the endless drilling, he quit trying! "I just want to learn to read, Mom," he said. He felt like a failure and so did I.

After prayerfully researching available programs, disk (PhonicsTutor). My son, now in first grade has been using it for 6 months and is reading books considered to be 2nd-3rd grade readers! I will NEVER forget his face when after the third lesson he looked up at me with radiating joy and said, "Mom, I read words!" He now works independently through the lessons after which I sit and listen to him read books I have chosen or when appropriate he has chosen.

I decided to start my third grader on the program (PhonicsTutor) to improve his spelling and writing skills. In only two months of working with the interactive lessons his spelling and writing has improved.

My 4 year old, not to be left in the dust, taught himself the letters and sounds using your program. He just had his fifth birthday and announced he is going to learn to read too and is starting on lesson 1!

I highly recommend this serious interactive reading program. Thanks to PhonicsTutor, the STRESS is gone from this homeschool Mom's day. More importantly the children, having gained confidence, are enjoying reading and learning in other areas!


Janice R. Lefever

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