Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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PhonicsTutor® Classic Teacher's Manual


Table of Contents

4:20 Communications is pleased that the PhonicsTutor Teacher's Manual has been well received by both public school and homeschool teachers. If you were not taught to read phonetically, or if you are teaching phonetic reading for the first time, you need the PT Teacher's Manual .

Screen Shots of all Word Lists!

A primary component the PT Teacher's Manual is a complete set of simulated screen shots of all words that are presented/taught in PhonicsTutor . You can easily see if a lesson is long or short, how many Presentations there are, what words are taught, and if any words have an irregular pronunciation. All dictated sentences are included for easy reference.

Additional Information in the Sidebars!

In the sidebars you will see

  • where activities begin
  • which words are tested together in the activities
  • all rules and additional information that is taught orally to the student
  • the common sounds of phonograms in the higher lessons
  • beginning syllabication rules
  • beginning grammar information
  • suggestions for expanding lessons
  • information about the English language to help understand its phonetic elements.

Unit Introductions!

Using PhonicsTutor is easier than ever now that the PT Teacher's Manual divides it into nine units. Each unit covers about 14 lessons on similar spelling patterns. At the beginning of each unit you will find a list of goals, special information to make the teaching of the material more effective, help for students who are having difficulties, and more.

  1. Single Letter Consonants
  2. Short Vowels
  3. Consonant Digraphs
  4. Ending Blends
  5. Beginning Blends
  6. Long 'a'
  7. Long 'e', Long 'i'
  8. Long 'o', Long 'u'
  9. Multi-letter Consonant Phonograms

The Appendices are a Must!

Appendix I-Lesson 129 and 130

Screen shots of Lesson 129-An Extended List of Orton-Gillingham Phonograms and Spelling Rules and Lesson 130-The Letter Names for both Capital and Small Letters are provided, along with the common sounds for each phonogram and the associated spelling rules as taught in PhonicsTutor . You will be able to easily see what the students will be hearing as they study.

Appendix II-Charts

We have included several charts we find helpful for the teaching of phonetic reading.

  • Phonograms
    Eighty phonograms, common sounds (indicated with diacritical markings), associated spelling rules and sample words are listed.
  • Phonemes
    The phonemes (sounds) of English as indicated by The American Heritage Dictionary
  • TM, our own font, and the International Phonetic Alphabet are compared.
  • 300 Most Frequent Words
    This helpful chart of the 300 Most Frequent Words lists words alphabetically. Both the ordinal place in frequency and the lesson number where the word is or can be introduced in PhonicsTutor is included.
  • Silent Final E
    A concise list of the rules for using Silent Final E helps students understand this special spelling pattern.

The PT Teacher's Manual costs $49.95 plus S&H when purchased separately. It is discounted $15.00 when purchased with PhonicsTutor CDs . 30-day money-back guarantee for books returned in resalable condition.

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