Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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PhonicsTutor Student Workbook of Spelling & Grammar

  Phonics worksheets with reading comprehension worksheets used to teach Orton Gillingham phonograms.

Phonics Worksheets, Reading Comprehension Work Sheets, and
Orton Gillingham Instruction

After completing the phonics worksheets the student is ready to begin the eighty SilentSpellTM tests are included that not only test a student's ability to spell many frequent words, these tests assess a student's understanding of orthography, the spelling patterns of English. Five frequent words from four different spelling patterns are grouped together into each test. These twenty words are examined by students in a variety of ways. When they are ready to be tested, they turn the page and find a pronunciation guide for each word. They must re-spell each word in its usual form. Definitions or parts of speech are indicated as needed. These tests will assess a student's ability to spell familiar words plus the most frequent words of uncommon spelling patterns, e.g., pneumonia, anxiety, curvaceously, and rheumatism. Vocabulary is drawn from the Phonogram and Spelling Pattern Chart in the PhonicsTutor Student Reader . The ten most frequent words for each of 173 spelling patterns are assessed. Give with an oral spelling test when time permits.

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