Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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Review of PhonicsTutor by

Jack O'Brien, teacher
Isanti Elementary School, Isanti, MN


Here it is! For years we have been looking for a phonics drill program,
on CD or networkable, that is truly multisensory, and with no wasted drill time.
About three years ago, we found it. Here's why we like it.

1. It runs on a Mac or a PC.
2. There is a scope and sequence of 128 lessons, Grades 1-6.
3. It is digital audio, visual, and tactile (keyboard).
4. There are seven components to each lesson with sensory prompts faded from 1-7.
5. Its straight drill. No time wasted.
6. It can be delivered in any amount of time necessary. The program
remembers the student's last keystroke. If there is a fire drill, the
students can go right back to exactly where they were, even if the
computer has been shut down.
7. The program keeps performance data.
8. There is a workbook with the program.
9. We use student/teacher earphones with the program.

This program is so intense on phonics that we use it as a differential
diagnosis of a reading disability. If a student cannot gain in phonemic
awareness through this program, they never will. I would go so far as to
say the program "retrains" the brain. We are completely sold on the
program. We have seen nothing better in our 28 years in education.

And it's cheap. I compared similar programs from big publishers, and they
can't even come close in quality and price.

I do not gain financially from recommending this program. The students
whose teachers use this program will gain academically though.

The name of the program is Phonics Tutor. On the web, it is located at:

Jack O'Brien, Teacher
Isanti Elementary School
Isanti, MN 55040

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