Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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PhonicsTutor Classic: Interactive Phonics Tutorial

Educational software with lesson plans for phonemic awareness and phonics

Award for word families phonics software.

First Place winner of
Practical Homeschooling's
Best Phonics Software
1996, 1998, 2000, 2002

  • This phonics software combines the word family method with Orton-Gillingham phonograms. Word families help with phonemic awareness while Orton phonograms and spelling rules teach essential English orthography.
  • The Orton-Gillingham has been the standard treatment for dyslexia for more then fifty years.
  • The Orton-Gillingham method is congestive approach, which stress individual instruction in the sounds that the phonograms make and the rules of English spelling.
  • Teachers, reading specialists and parents chose this educational software as their primary reading program for its simplicity of use and direct teaching method.
  • To see lesson plans go to Table of Contents
  • PhonicsTutor is a complete phonics curriculum. Teachers of required literature based reading programs use it as their phonics component.
  • The program begins with phonemic awareness and progresses into phonics, reading and spelling. This approach is ideal for early readers, learning disabled and precocious students, making it an ideal tool in the inclusion classroom.
  • Students are not distracted by graphics or games. Attention is focused on the goal of reading. In addition, students do, without teachers having to repeat phonemes over and over to them!
  • Teach phonics using one of the largest phonics software programs with human voice recordings. It has more than 3,500 words plus audio Help and Spelling Rules with over 10,000 interactive screens.
  • Lesson plans are easy to prepare. The scope and sequence leads students step by step. Student performance is tracked.
  • Click on a word to hear it and its phonetic components. Phonetic analysis, reading, word spelling and dictation activities each instruct and re-enforce.
  • The spelling pattern approach, also known as word families approach, is used in PhonicsTutor Classic to accelerate remedial reading programs. This approach naturally teaches co-articulation; needed by some students.
  • Students are not expected to read any phonograms that have not been presented and taught.
  • Human voice recordings are used for all words, help and phonogram sounds.
  • Includes a lesson on an extended list of Orton-Gillingham English phonograms. An ideal resource for teaching and reviewing all phonograms and spelling rules.
  • It works! PhonicsTutor teaches students to read - efficiently and effectively.

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