Phonics lesson plans for reading, dyslexia, ESL and other special education needs.

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Scope and Sequence the PhonicsTutor® Classic CD-ROM


1. Short a; ending consonants m, n, s, t, x
2. Initial consonants S, m, h, s, t
3. Word review, introduction of sentences and use of period
4. Consonants d, D, w
5. Alphabetic word matrices
6. Short a sentences; introduction of question mark
7. Consonant blend nod; consonant l
8. Consonants l, b, c, g, j, f
9. Consonants p, t, r, v, y, z
10. Review of words containing the short a vowel
11. Consonant digraph ck; quip
12. a as a word
13. Sentences
14. Reading syllables containing "short a, consonant" or "consonant, short a, consonant"
15. Introduction to the five short vowels a, e, i, o, u
16. Short e words
17. Short a, e sentences
18. Reading syllables containing "short e, consonant" or "consonant, short e, consonant"
19. Short i words; ph as f
20. Short a, e, i sentences
21. Consonant digraph th
22. Sentences
23. Short o words
24. Short a, e, i, o sentences
25. Words made plural by adding s, or es, and 's possessives
26. Sentences
27. Short u words
28. Short a, e, i, o, u sentences; comparison of consonants b and d
29. Consonant digraph sh
30. Consonant digraph ch
31. Consonant digraph wh
32. Review of sh, ch, wh words
33. Sentences
34. Verbs to be and to have
35. Sentences
36. Contractions
37. Sentences with contractions
38. Two-syllable, short-vowel words
39. Sentences with two-syllable, short-vowel words
40. a as in all; sentences
41. Consonant blend ng; ing words
42. Sentences with ing words
43. Final consonant blends nd, nt
44. Sentences
45. Final syllable er; er words and sentences
46. Final consonant blends nk, nc, nch
47. Sentences
48. Final consonant blends ct, ft, pt, xt ; sentences
49. Final consonant blends sk, sp, st ; sentences
50. Final consonant blends lb, ld, lf , lk
51. Final consonant blends lm, lp, lt
52. Final consonant blend mp
53. Final consonant phonogram tch ; sentences
54. Final consonant phonogram dge
55. Final consonant blends nce, nse
56. Review of words with final consonant blends or multi-letter phonograms
57. Two-syllable words with consonant blends
58. Initial consonant blends bl, br
59. Initial consonant blends cl, cr
60. Initial consonant blends dr, dw
61. Initial consonant blends fl, fr
62. Initial consonant blends gl, gr, gw
63. Initial consonant blends pl, pr
64. Initial consonant blend sl
65. Initial consonant blends shr, sm, sn
66. Initial consonant blends sp, spr
67. Initial consonant blends st, str
68. Initial consonant blends sw, sc, sk, scr
69. Initial consonant blends tr, thr, tw
70. Words with consonant blends
71. Sentences
72. Long a
73. Long a as a-e
74. Sentences with long a words
75. Long a as ai
76. Long a sentences
77. Long a as ay and ey
78. Long a sentences
79. Long a as ei, eigh ; sentences
80. Review of words with long a spellings
81. Long a homonyms
82. Two-syllable words with long a syllables
83. Vowel spellings au, aw
84. Sentences with au, aw words
85. a as ah as in ma, car
86. Sentences with a as ah words
87. Long e as ee
88. Long e sentences
89. Long e as ea
90. Long e sentences
91. Long e as e-e ; sentences
92. Long e as ie ; sentences
93. Long e as y
94. Long e as y sentences
95. Plural words formed by changing to i and adding es
96. Review of long e words
97. Long e sentences
98. Long i as i-e, y, ie
99. Long i sentences
100. Long i as igh ; sentences
101. Spelling forms ough and augh
102. gh as f
103. Long o as o-e
104. Long o sentences
105. Long o as oa ; sentences
106. Long o as ow ; sentences
107. Long o when followed by two consonants as in old ; sentences
108. Common irregular words
109. oo as in good food
110. Sentences with oo words
111. Spelling form ould ; sentences
112. ow and ou as in cow and ouch
113. Sentences
114. oy as in boy; oi as in oil; sentences
115. Long u as u-e ; sentences
116. Long u as ue and ui ; sentences
117. Long u as ew and eu ; sentences
118. er, ir, or, ur, ear ; sentences
119. Words ending in suffix le ; sentences
120. ph as f
121. sc, ci, si, ti, xi, su, tu as sh, ch, zh
122. kn as n
123. mb as m; bt as t
124. Silent h as in heir
125. wr as r
126. st as in listen; ft as in soften
127. ch as k; ps as s
128. y as short i
129. Extended list of Orton-Gillingham phonograms with associated spelling rules (see manual)
130. Letter names and their most common sound

This program is so intense on phonics that we use it as a differential diagnosis of a reading disability. If a student cannot gain in phonemic awareness through this program, they never will. I would go so far as to say the program "retrains" the brain. We are completely sold on the program. We have seen nothing better in our 28 years in education. full review Jack O'Brien, Teacher, Isanti Elementary School, Isanti, MN.

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